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Emirate of DUBAI

The emirate of Sharjah :

The emirate which accounts for 3,3% of the territory émirien account 636.000 inhabitants. The density of population is of 245,5 inhabitants to the square kilometre. At the 19th century, the town of Sharjah was the principal port of the Gulf of the South (export of salt and pearls in particular). Today, the emirate profits from the growth of the sector of manufacturing industry and recent the development as of the its gas resources. The city is equipped with an international airport and a port (Khalid port). Many oases allow the production of fruit and vegetables. Sharjah is registered like "cultural capital" of the emirates because of its many museums and universities and its inclination to promote the culture and the traditions of the country. The city shelters the largest mosque of the emirates, the mosque King Faisal.

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