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Emirate of DUBAI

A piece of History :

The first settlements seem former to 4.000 before JC. They were communities of fishermen installed on banks of the Gulf where the emirate is located today. The emirate as such was born in 1830, populated by the tribe of Bani Yas and directed by the Maktoum clan always in charge of the country. This population was on the one hand Bedouins living in the desert, on the other hand fishermen whose most gainful employment, the fishing of pearl-bearing oysters will quickly make center of trade. In parallel, Dubai became a famous place for the trade of gold. In the Sixties, the first oil barrels are extracted from the basement of the emirate. 1971 see the withdrawal of the British colonizer. Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Short-nap cloth-Al-Khaimah, Umm-Al-Qaiwain gather within the United Arab Emirates in a confederal system offering a broad autonomy to each one of its components.

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