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Emirate of DUBAI

Habits in an emirate with a cosmopolitan settlement :

Mainly Arab in its settlement, Dubai accomodates (like the whole of the countries of the Gulf) with an important and varied immigration originating from Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and mainly Anglo-Saxon executives. The indigenous, commercial population in the heart, always accepted foreign presences and a rare tolerance in this area . Thus, wanting to preserve its traditions, it authorizes despite everything, the freedom of the religions and composes with the food and vestimentary practices in particular of the tourists mainly Western. Here, the watchword is "respect of the other". Of course that is true also for the tourist which will have to take into account the traditions of the host country (alcohol is consumed in the hotels and not outside and there is no tolerance at the time that one must drive). In period of Ramadan and even if one is not Moslem, it is strongly forbidden drinking or eating apart from the tourist hotels and restaurants (it is an offence liable to imprisonment). The local criminal laws remain very strict, (the police custody can last 48 hours to 15 days) also avoid any behavior which could pass for harassing, you do not walk in the public places in behaviours whom the population would consider not fair (including on the public beaches and if you want to expose yourselves in bathing suit, do it at the swimming pool of your hotel). Consequence: In a country which associates severe justice and high level of life, criminality almost disappeared for the greatest benefit of all. But if you are polite and respectful (and of course you are), you will meet a world of hospitality and courtesy which will take care to offer you unforgettable holidays.

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